Updates regarding Yeezy Season and Megathreads

beepboopbeepWe’ve heard your complaints about the Yeezy Season Megathreads loud and clear, and we’ve been working towards solutions based on the feedback given. In addition, we want to clarify some already existing policy with you guys.Clarifications:Kanye posts have never been banned. If Kanye had dropped a song yesterday, that would have gotten it’s own post and wouldn’t have had to be in the megathread. In addition, the announcement that Kanye would appear on SNL was allowed to be posted. The purpose of the Megathread is not to prevent every single Kanye post, but to stop general hype from leaking into every post on the subreddit, and for tidbits which would otherwise not be allowed for any other artist. For example, snippets are banned for any artist, they aren’t worthy of their own thread.Updated Policy on Yeezy Season:Major news regarding Kanye West will be allowed to be posted. To clarify what constitutes as “major” news; this includes…[FRESH] MusicOfficial updates and announcements regarding the release and rollout of WavesMajor events like the Kanye-Wiz fight (i.e. the one big thread about it would be allowed from now on, but not hundreds of new posts every time a minor development in the story occurs)Official tweets regarding Waves will be allowed, but must be posted as self-posts, so that the OP can edit in associated responsesYeezy Season Megathreads will continue, but will now be used predominantly for hype and content which are otherwise against HHH rules. To give examples of the type of content to discussSpeculation (e.g. “this is what I think the tracklist is gonna be”)Rumors surrounding WavesSnippets and other low quality leaksPotential collaborations (e.g. “Kanye was the studio with ___”)Gossip surrounding KanyeGeneral hype/circlejerkingWe’d also like to take the time to promote /r/Kanye as the #1 place to discuss recent news, minor tidbits of information, and gossip about every detail of Kanye’s life.Cheers,the HHH modteam