Tom Misch – South Of The River (Detroit Swindle Remix) by Detroit Swindle

Description: Embodying their signature deep house sound, Amsterdam based Detroit Swindle have officially remixed ‘South Of The River’, the new single by Tom Misch.
With Tom being a huge fan of the duo as well as working with them in the studio, the collaboration itself was very organic. Detroit Swindle operate under their own label Heist Recordings as well as having released music on renowned labels like Freerange, Future Classics, Dirt Crew (where they released their well received debut album ‘Boxed Out’), Tsuba, Classic Music Company, Kaoz Theory and many more. This includes notable remixes for Hercules and Love Affair, Chet Faker, Seven Davis Jr. and Romanthony’s track ‘Too Long’ produced by Daft Punk. The boys are as much enthusiastic record diggers and synth hunters as they are lovers of modern day electronic music, so the pair working with Tom through this remix was an easy decision.

Roots and Future: A History of U.K. Dance by Afropop Worldwide

Description: Look around today’s musical mainstream, and you’ll quickly realized that dance styles are everywhere, filling stadiums, topping charts, and gathering tens of thousands in festivals around the country. Yet few know their full history. “Roots and Future” explores how a community of (primarily) black British musicians, fans, D.J.s, and radio pirates recreated dance music in the United Kingdom during the 1990s and 2000s.

Connected to the musical mainstream during 1989’s drug and rave fueled “second summer of love,” these musicians learned to combine American hip-hop, dancehall toasting, dub bass, and techno euphoria to create style after chart-topping style, from drum-twisting jungle to the slick sounds of garage, the ferocious rhythms of grime, and the all-encompassing low-end of dubstep. We’ll speak to legendary pirate radio D.J.s, underground label owners, and groundbreaking producers. We’ll check young M.C.s spitting their bars on illegal frequencies, and hear veterans playing to their beloved audiences. And most importantly? We’ll rave. See you on the dance floor.

#733 Roots and Future: A History of U.K. Dance
Producer: Sam Backer
Airdate: June 23rd 2016

Moony – Patterns (Free Download) by Pack London

Description: As we finally close off our first year as a fully-functioning record label and publisher, we have been given time to reflect upon our preceding releases and smile. To help celebrate the end of 2016, we have put together and curated one of our strongest free releases to date, topped off with a selection of UK garage, grime, dubstep, and bassline. Every track has been carefully placed and selected, allowing us to give back to our community and fans for their continuous support.

As ‘Southpoint Presents’ is our flagship release series, it allows us to introduce new faces, both established and up-and-coming (some long overdue, and some we just couldn’t resist), while also providing us with the opportunity to showcase the entirety of the Southpoint family.

“This year has been mad. We’ve come so far since our initial releases, and we are so proud to continue our most-favourite series. We are certain that this volume will provide everyone’s ears with a satisfactory end to 2016, while also letting our fans reflect on the quality of music we have been pushing.”

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