[DISCUSSION] Why Don’t We & PRETTYMUCH: does this new crop of boy bands stand a chance?

Why Don’t We released their single “Something Different” in April and it looks like it has found some success online, though it hasn’t charted. It is being sent to radio in August.Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QKreWPyPwcPRETTYMUCH, Simon Cowell’s new creation, released their debut single, “Would You Mind” last Friday and it was the first track on New Music Friday last week. It is also being sent to radio later in August.What does popheads think of these releases? Does either have potential outside of the tween world? “Something Different” feels much more fresh and in line with 2017 production styles. Despite “Would You Mind’ sounding a bit dated, I think PRETTYMUCH has much more charisma and potential.

[MEGATHREAD] Katy Perry – Live: Witness World Wide (Day 2)

To celebrate the release of Witness, Katy Perry is hosting a Big Brother-inspired livestream with YouTube where we will get to see Katy 24/7 until Monday!Here is the link to the livestream, where you can also change camera angles!Here is the schedule of today’s livestream! All times are in PDT.9:00 AM-10:00 AM: Katy Wakes Up to a Fan-Voted Surprise10:00 AM: Live Q&A12:00 PM: Yoga with Chau with Special Guest Jesse Tyler Ferguson1:00 PM-2:00 PM: Glam with Laura Lee and Chris Appleton5:00 PM-6:00 PM: Viceland: “The Therapist” by Dr. Siri Singh6:00 PM: Surprise Moment with Music6:30 PM-8:00 PM: Neil Degrasse Tyson8:30 PM-11:00 PM: Rose and Thorn Dinner with Chef Nina Clemente and Co-Host Cleo Wade, Special Guests Mia Moretti, Sia, Dita Von Teese and Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins.SourceIf you want to discuss about Witness, head over to the [FRESH ALBUM] thread of the album!Buy Witness on iTunes or Target (including two bonus tracks).Stream Witness on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music or Tidal.

[RATE] Electronic Producers: KAYTRANADA – 99.9% vs. Disclosure – Settle vs. Flume – Skin

Welcome to the Electronic Producers Rate!full name: welcome to the feature-filled, festival-ready, hipster-appealing, overtly-sensual, alternative-R&B-influenced, AlunaGeorge-collaborating, almost-an-hour-long, great-album-cover, from-a-non-US-Anglosphere-country electronic producer rate!!!This rate marks the first time we’ve ever dealt with producer albums in a /r/popheads rate. You might be wondering why these albums were chosen over, say, more popular artists like Skrillex, Zedd, or Calvin Harris. I wanted to do a rate that represented a larger spectrum of electronic music that /r/popheads might not have experience with. KAYTRANADA, Disclosure, and Flume are all producers who seem determined to prove themselves as artists, and these albums are the results of that goal. These albums have distinctive aesthetics that separate themselves from each other, yet they also fit surprisingly well when placed together. There’s a certain underlying ethos behind all three that connects them. The records cover a diversity of styles in comparison to other electronic works, which means that you’ll most likely enjoy at least one song from each of these records. From my own experience, it’s almost impossible to hate any of them!Cool rate and all, but I don’t recognize any of these people. Who’s KAYTRANADA?KAYTRANADA – 99.9%Kaytranada (stylized KAYTRANADA) is the stage name of Louis Kevin Celestin, a Haitian-Canadian music producer. He was raised by his mother in a poor household, and spent much of his time listening to hip hop such as J Dilla and Madlib. Celestin soon started expanding his horizons, and became engrossed in collecting a variety of records across genres. Soon enough, he began releasing music under the name Kaytradamus on YouTube and Bandcamp. In 2012, he garnered popularity through his Soundcloud remixes, particularly his take on Janet Jackson’s “If”, a stunning interpretation that mixed Jackson’s vocals into a euphoric dance track. He was soon signed to XL Recordings, but had struggles in releasing his album due to touring. He’s had credits on tracks by Chance the Rapper, Katy B, Mary J. Blige, Alicia Keys, Azealia Banks, and Kali Uchis, and opened for two shows in Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour. Finally, after several long years, he released the record 99.9% to critical acclaim, promoted with even a game.99.9% is the record that proves eclecticism can be pulled off successfully. Kaytranada goes into a diversity of styles right on his debut, and never takes a risk that feels too much for him. On the album, he creates chill instrumental beats, high energy dance, and entrancing hip hop numbers with the utmost confidence. Kaytranada covers sonic territory that most artists don’t touch in their entire career. He features a cast of some of 2016’s most buzzed artists alongside lesser-known performers. Kaytranada knows what he wants from his collaborators, and he brings that out from them with. The entire album feels like a personal statement, with influences from the hip hop that he grew up listening to. 99.9% is rooted in Kaytranada’s Haitian origins, and even his father was proud of his son’s usage of rhythms that evoke his native country. The summery disco synths that Kaytranada loves are featured heavily on the record, yet there’s also a bit of a nocturnal quality to the record with its heavy bass. His record exudes consistency and vision as a debut, feeling like a culmination of all of his previous efforts. The title implies Kaytranada’s progress towards the future, and he gets closer to reaching 100% every day.Track UnoBus Ride (feat. Karriem Riggins and River Tiber)Got It Good (feat. Craig David)Together (feat. AlunaGeorge and GoldLink)Drive Me Crazy (feat. Vic Mensa) (different from album version)Weight Off (feat. BADBADNOTGOOD)One Too Many (feat. Phonte)Despite the WeatherGlowed Up (feat. Anderson .Paak)Breakdance Lesson N.1You’re the One (feat. Syd)Vivid Dreams (feat. River Tiber)Lite SpotsLeave Me Alone (feat. Shay Lia)Bullets (feat. Little Dragon)Album on SpotifyCould you explain who Disclosure are?Disclosure – SettleGuy and Howard Lawrence are the brotherly duo that make up Disclosure, a UK garage duo that has made its mark on the British pop landscape. They started out making house music influenced by classic house and 2-step, posting tracks to their Myspace and gaining attention on music sites such as Pitchfork. The distinctive white outlined drawings over their real faces was a very reserved and unique image for them, which they still maintain in their more recent releases. After the release of their The Face EP in 2012, they began pulling in a larger fanbase and were even booked at Coachella, where they performed their mix of Jessie Ware’s “Running”. Their remix was a popular song in the Netherlands and Belgium, and they soon signed to Universal to release their debut album Settle with PMR Records. The release of several singles signaled their endeavors into more accessible pop, yet managed to receive critical acclaim and a nomination for the Mercury Prize.The alternative R&B scene is one of the most defining parts of the 2010s music climate. As producers like Burial, Dev Hynes, and Julio Bashmore collaborated with vocalists, they created R&B with distinctly atmospheric and subtle production. The amount of artists working in this grew, and slowly dance elements were added to the mix. UK electronic musicians would feature singers with sensual, passionate vocals over their bass-heavy beats. Disclosure’s Settle is the epitome of this evolution. Vocalists like AlunaGeorge, Jessie Ware, and Jamie Woon are best known for their futuristic, atmospheric production; however, on Settle, they find themselves holding their own in a completely different setting. Settle manages to bring to mind classic UK records with its groovy house beats and soulful singers, yet also feels modern and fresh. The Lawrence brothers’ sound is clean, polished, and meticulous, with every detail being used to create fine pop songs. The album was a huge hit, debuting at #1 in the UK and appearing on the UK Singles Chart multiple times. It was like the start of something new in the electronic world, and it was: ever since its 2013 release, so many records have been filled with diverse features and aim for the same kind of aesthetic consistency that the Lawrence brothers pull off. If there’s one thing you couldn’t call this record, it’s unimportant. Settle is an assured proof that dance music can pull off the album format.IntroWhen a Fire Starts to BurnLatch (feat. Sam Smith)F for YouWhite Noise (feat. AlunaGeorge)Defeated No More (feat. Edward MacFarlane)StimulationVoices (feat. Sasha Keable)Second ChanceGrab Her!You & Me (feat. Eliza Doolittle)January (feat. Jamie Woon)Confess to Me (feat. Jessie Ware)Help Me Lose My Mind (feat. London Grammar) (unavailable outside US, IIRC)Album on SpotifyOkay, who’s Flume?Flume – SkinHarley Streten is the man behind Flume, a name picked up from the opening track of indie folk act Bon Iver’s For Emma, Forever Ago (do /u/dirdbub’s rate on /r/indieheads!!!). His career started after winning a competition to sign with Future Classic. After the release of his debut album, Flume, he became an istar. The album topped the ARIA charts, and beat out One Direction on iTunes hilariously. His style was distinctive, with sidechained synth drops that garnered imitators throughout Soundcloud. Even Zedd was accused by deadmau5 of ripping off Flume when he released the M&M collaboration “Candyman”. Flume released several remixes afterwards, which helped his profile grow on an international scale. In fact, my first experience with his work was with his remix of Lorde’s Tennis Court.When Flume started working on Skin, he felt like he wanted to make a statement. How could he meet the potential that he displayed on his debut? With this record, he decided to recruit an all-star cast of features, and aimed to show off his versatility as a producer. The result of this is a record of ambition: 16 tracks of futuristic beats underlying rap tracks and alien pop singers. While his sound is more festival-ready than ever, and the closest to typical “EDM” in the rate, Flume has a clearer artistic scope than his imitators. Rather than diluting his unique aesthetic to appeal to the masses, he opted to experiment and play with pop sounds. Skin feels defined by its intense contrast, as beautiful synthesized atmospheres clash with noisy, abrasive glitch elements. Even the artwork embodies his vision as an artist: featuring a computer-generated floral arrangement, it reflects his creation of an organic sound through his digital palette. Flume’s work on the album often feels intense and emotional, with the best parts of many songs being cathartic drops or gorgeous vocal parts. Skin is a portrait of a future pop landscape painted with shimmery synths, clattering percussion, and hypnotic vocals.HelixNever Be Like You (feat. kai)Lose It (feat. Vic Mensa)Numb & Getting Colder (feat. Kučka)Say It (feat. Tove Lo)Wall FuckPikaSmoke & Retribution (feat. Vince Staples and Kučka)3When Everything Was NewYou Know (feat. Allan Kingdom and Raekwon)Take a Chance (feat. Little Dragon)Innocence (feat. AlunaGeorge)Like Water (feat. MNDR)FreeTiny Cities (feat. Beck)Album on SpotifyCould you put that all in one place?This is a link to a Spotify playlist of all of the songs included in the standard rate, courtesy of /u/letsallpoo!This might be helpful to those who don’t have Spotify Premium. While I’d prefer you listen to the albums in order, on mobile you don’t have that choice, so shuffling the albums together at least prevents you from having to listen to unrelated tracks when rating as Spotify doesn’t add suggested songs until all other songs have played. They go together surprisingly well when shuffled, too!Wait, but what about…Bonus TracksDue to the fact that studio albums can only show so much of what a producer has to offer, I decided to add a bonus rate to the mix! The songs included are remixes, one-off singles, and deluxe edition tracks. I didn’t include the Skin companion EPs only because I have no idea which one I should add and both is a bit much. These songs are optional to rate, and if you don’t want to listen to all of them, that’s perfectly fine! Just rate the ones you want to.If (Kaytranada Remix)At AllHilarity DuffNobody Beats the KayRunning (Disclosure Remix)Boiling (feat. Sinead Harnett)What’s in Your HeadTenderlyTogether (feat. Sam Smith, Jimmy Napes, and Nile Rodgers)F For You (feat. Mary J. Blige)Tennis Court (Flume Remix)Hyperreal (feat. Kučka)My Boo (feat. Vince Staples, Kučka, Ngaiire, and Vera Blue)Could I get a rundown on how this works?The RulesListen to each song and assign each a score between 1 and 10. Decimals are fine, but please refrain from giving decimal scores that have two decimal spots: giving a 7.2 is okay, but giving a 7.25 will give me a headache. This is because I’m using a computer program to parse the votes and print everything out (more on that later).Yes, you have to listen to every song. I will not accept your ballot if you have a score missing. That’s because it will crash the program (more on that later). I highly recommend listening to these albums in full, they’re all cohesive experiences that blend a bit more than most albums.Your scores should NOT be considered confidential. They aren’t.You may give ONE song a 0 and ONE song an 11. This is ONE song total, NOT ONE SONG PER ALBUM. Please reserve these for your least favorite and most favorite tracks; excessive sabotage ruins rate results. I’ll tell you if you need to revise your scores.You can change your scores at any time! Feel free to PM me again afterwards.I am using a computer program that the great and wonderful /u/letsallpoo designed in order to parse these votes! You can see it here. While this will make things a lot more efficient and reduces errors on my part, this does mean that scores need to be sent in a very specific way. The easiest way to make sure your scores follow the necessary format is to use the pre-prepared link at the bottom of this post. PLEASE USE THAT. You can copy and paste it to a notepad file or something and fill in your scores there, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use that format to send in your scores.If you don’t follow the format, I’ll still accept your ballot, but I reserve the right to publicly shame you and your inability to follow basic instructions.Adding CommentsIf you want to attach a comment to a specific song (which is encouraged!) write it right after your score. Make sure nothing is separating your score and your comment except for a space!Do it like this:Grab Her!: 0 fuck Donald TrumpNot like this:Grab Her!: 0: fuck Donald TrumpGrab Her!: fuck Donald Trump 0Grab Her!: fuck Donald Trump so this song gets my 0Grab Her!: 0-fuck Donald TrumpGrab Her!: 0 (fuck Donald Trump)Grab Her!: 0 – fuck Donald TrumpYou can also comment on albums! Just add a colon to the album name and add your comment, like this:Album: Skin: he make loud noise drop aaNot like this:Album: Skin he make loud noise drop aaAlbum: Skin – he make loud noise drop aaAlbum: Skin (he make loud noise drop aa)Album: HE MAKE LOUD NOISE DROP AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA SkinPlease use this link to submit your scores! Note: if the url doesn’t work or takes too long to load, you can also submit your rates by copying and pasting the text in this Pastebin, filling in your scores/comments, and sending it to me.If your scores were received, I’ll message you back just to confirm everything! Feel free to change your scores if you need to, some songs take time for them to grow on you! or for you to realize that they suckYou have until the end of June to do the rate!Have fun listening to the albums, and remember: it’s all for fun!