[GAME] Six Degrees of Charli XCX

Charli XCX: [LEAK] queen, one third of the holy trinity, and one of the most prolific collaborators in the pop game. She has worked with everyone from Iggy Azalea to Giorgio Moroder to Mr. Oizo to Rivers Cuomo to Lil Yachty. Which makes me wonder: can literally any artist be connected to Charli XCX?

Using one of Charli's favs as an example: "Vroom Vroom" was produced by SOPHIE, who coproduced "Bitch I'm Madonna" for Madonna, who sang on "Me Against The Music" with Britney.

Or going more esoteric: "You (Ha Ha Ha)" got an official remix by Lindstrøm, who made the album Runddans with Todd Rundgren, who produced "Bat Out of Hell" for Meat Loaf.

So how close can you connect your fave to Charli XCX? inb4 some smartass says 0 because Charli's their fave

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