Welcome to the new and improved Essential Album of the Week discussion thread!Every Wednesday we will discuss an album from our Essential Albums listLast Week: Above the Law – Black Mafia LifeThis Week: MC Eiht – We Come StrappedStream/PurchaseSpotifyiTunesGoogle PlaySongs/SinglesDef Wish IIIAll for the MoneyNiggaz Make the Hood Go RoundBackground/Description (courtesy of allmusic.com)Fresh from his small role in the 1993 film Menace II Society, MC Eiht followed “Streiht Up Menace,” his breakthrough hit single from the film’s soundtrack, with We Come Strapped. The album may be his full-length solo debut, but Eiht was no rookie here. He had come of age as a member of Compton’s Most Wanted, a semi-successful gangsta rap group, and brought along the defunct group’s producer, DJ Slip, to join him. And that’s pretty much all there is to this album, Eiht and Slip. Make no mistake: We Come Strapped is a sparse and straightforward album, just Eiht’s ghetto rhymes and Slip’s showering keyboards. And that’s it: no extensive guest appearances, no P-Funk interpolations, no lavish extravagances, just Eiht’s rhymes and Slip’s keyboards. “All for Money” is the album highlight. Here Eiht rhymes gently about doing whatever it takes to get paid while Slip’s keyboards hover alongside some smooth, jazzy guitar and “la-la”s in the distance. It’s simple and laid-back, for sure, and it’s distinct and evocative as well. Moreover, the same can be said about We Come Strapped as a whole. This is a bare-bones album stripped down to the G-funk essentials: gangsta and funk. Unfortunately, there’s a lack of standout songs, and fresh ideas are few and far between. But it sure sounds good while it’s playing.GuidelinesThis is an open thread for you to share your thoughts on the album. Avoid vague statements of praise or criticism. This is your chance to practice being a critic. It’s fine for you to drop by just to say you love the album, but let’s try and step it up a bit!!!How has this album affected hip-hop? WHY do you like this tape? What are the best tracks? Do you think it deserves the praise it gets? Is it the first time you’ve listened to it? What’s your first impression? Have you listened to the artist before? Explain why you like it or why you don’t.DON’T FEEL BAD ABOUT BEING LATE !!!! Discussion throughout the week is encouraged.Next week’s EAOTW will be The Coup – Genocide and Juice

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